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About 30 Minutes Beginner
Chalk Paint


Step 1

Take a canvas as base and apply a coat of Gesso to prepare the surface. Let it dry

Step 2

Draw a fish using a pencil

Step 3

Apply black gesso in the corners (you need not make it too uniform)

Step 4

Use earthy tones of acrylic paint to cover areas around the fish

Step 5

Paint the fish with blue, white and brown acrylic paints (you do not need to be too perfect)

Step 6

Make black outlines to highlight the main features

Step 7

Use Peanut Butter Squash shade of Little Birdie Chalk Paint to cover areas around the fish

Step 8

After the paint dries, use a sandpaper to sand the base lightly, for a distressed effect

Step 9

Use chalk inks to distress some area which you please

Step 10

Use a coat of white chalk paint on top of the Peanut Butter Squash shade to highlight and maintain focus on the fish

Step 11

After the paint dries, sand it lightly

Step 12

You can already see a whimsical, artistic background being created

Step 13

Now, it’s time to use Little Birdie Mice Flake- Sliver in the project

Step 14

Apply Little Birdie Craft Glue on the body of the fish and paste silver Mika Flakes to make scales

Step 15

You can conveniently break or cut the mica flakes in smaller pieces if you wish

Step 16

Sliver Mica Flakes give such a beautiful, natural shiny effect to the fish!

Step 17

Use acrylic colours of your choice to draw broad outlines around the fish and let it dry

Step 18

Stamp alphabets, words or designs of your choice on the painted areas

Step 19

Draw lines with a scale to give add the effect of wooden planks

Step 20

Add some colour splatters randomly for a vintage and added artistic look

Step 21

After everything dries, your Mica Flake canvas is ready to be flaunted

Step 22

You can use Mica flakes in a number of different ways to add a subtle sheen to any decor, general or paper crafting project. You can spray them with inks to add colours if you wish!

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