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About 30 Minutes Beginner
One Step Crackle Medium


Step 1

Take a canvas of your choice and use a brush to cover the surface uniformly with Little Birdie White Gesso.

Step 2

Use a scale to draw straight lines and finish drawing bamboo plants with free hand detailing on the canvas

Step 3

Use Little Birdie’s Black Gesso or use black Acrylic Paint to fill the outlines and add shading effect

Step 4

Draw leaves and birds with a thinner brush. You can also add acrylic colours to make the leaves and a background if you wish (The canvas is already primed with white Gesso).

Step 5

Now, we will make a reverse painting with black gesso as background

Step 6

Paint the canvas uniformly with Little Birdie Black Gesso

Step 7

Make a freehand painting of your choice with white gesso or acrylic paints. Since the canvas is primed with gesso, the acrylic paints will make a great impression!

Step 8

Allow the gesso/paints to dry before you display your creation!

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Acrylic Gesso-Black

Product Specification : 100ml
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Acrylic Gesso-White

Product Specification : 100ml
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Synthetic Hair Round Brush Size-11

Product Specification : Size-11, 1Piece
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Pony Hair Round Brush Size-3

Product Specification : Size-3, 1Piece
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