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About 30 Minutes Beginner
Sparkle Paste


Step 1

Take a MDF board as base and paint it with contrasting shades of Chalk Paints

Step 2

Spread out some Mica Flakes on a non-stick craft sheet or non porous sheet and spray them with your choice of Colour Splash shades

Step 3

Allow them to dry before you use them on your mixed media composition

Step 4

Create whimsical patterns and stem like patterns with a glue gun on the base to create a composition depicting flowers

Step 5

Now, adhere the coloured Mica Flakes on the stems, to create flowerlike shapes

Step 6

Use as many flowers as you want to add visual brilliance to your composition

Step 7

Spray contrasting shades of Color Splash and spread out with a brush to blend in the colours. Allow it to dry

Step 8

With a black marker add details to the flowers and stems

Step 9

Add a chipboard sentiment of your choice to complete the project.

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Premium Card - Black

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